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John Boehner stepping down – great news!  Beware of McCarthy!

Donald Trump receives blessing from Christians and Jews.  He’s not planning on going it alone!     Trump Receives Blessing and Prayers From Christian and Jewish Leaders


Little boy gave up his birthday party to support police – what a beautiful citizen and patriot.


Check in on Malcom Mitchell – a man who’s gone the extra mile to take time out from his game to inspire a group of ladies in a book club.  Malcom is proud of being called a “nerd!” images (13)


Did you know that even “birds” enjoy sports especially soccer.  Take a gander at how this bird plays soccer and scores a goal; he isn’t bashful about showing off his talent followed by some very fancy footsteps.


Don’t believe it, you’re not smarter than a three year-old.  Check this video out as tiny 3 year-old Yan Chan-Yani proves that most adults can’t keep up with this little girl.

The power rankings for the GOP moves Trump back to the top position again. 

Presidential elects shows Donald Trump back on top guess the reports that Donald was about to collapse is just a little more propaganda.

USA TODAY GOP Power Rankings: Trump back on top

Hillary Clinton advised to lawyer up – the FBI is hot on her trail and she may be headed for the orange jumpsuits and private room behind bars.  Actually when Hillary took her little cloth and wiped off her computer for some strange reason that didn’t delete her 30,000 emails as she previously said.

 download (19)It is a fairly sure bet that Hillary will once again walk away from this scandal with a very brief time out at her favorite restaurant and bar. Could be good news if the FBI does their job!

Big picture of Hillary Clinton email scandal | On Air Videos


Now For the Bad

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It is believed that the El Faro carrying 33 crew members sank into the Atlantic.  A body has been sighted along with debris and it is still hoped that survivors will be found.  The captain loved his ship and knew that they were heading into dangerous waters due to the severe storm.

Health concerns for residents in South Caroline after historic flood. The raging waters hit over 800,000 homes and this storm is one of a kind never before recorded in our History.

Obama cowers as Putin aggressively starts to take over Syria.  Russian airstrikes continue and Obama keeps a low profile, because he just sold out our Nation again.

Putin’s power grab in Syria draws weak response from DC


Now For The Ugly



John Boehner still stirring the pot HE IS DELAYING VOTES ON HIS REPLACEMENT.


ISIS Attacks Kill 64 Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai, 42 in El Arish

Obama threatening executive action in order to take away more of our 2nd Amendment.  We have the right to bear arms and no one including Barack Obama has the authority to remove that right.

Josh Earnest: Obama may do executive action (again) on guns


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