Todays News Your Way – Oct. 7, 2015

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The Good News Is

Hope everyone is holding onto their hat and preparing for what one group says about the “End of the World.”  October 7, 2015 according to their calculations is the end of the World.  Last time I checked Paw Patrol and the Roadrunner still on our TV’s.  Think there’s been a major “glitch” in someone’s calculation, but then again who really knows!!!!  The good news is we’re still here!!!!

Why October 7, 2015 is the Likely End of the World, Part 1 .


Don’t miss checking out on this little guy’s take when he takes a bite of lemon; his facial expression is hilarious.  If you want a good laugh check out the second little guy, who has the most infectious laugh ever – he’s a hoot!


Check out this young man who worked for Dairy Queen from age 14 and worked his way up to manager and you’ll see why…  And the good deed is????


Here’s the little countries girl (the mad Jewess) take on the Obamas – “Moving on up from the Jeffersons.”


Now for the “The Not So Good” News

Commission votes 7-1 to remove Ten Commandments from Oklahoma Capitol grounds  (Oct. 6, 2015)

The 10 Commandments have been removed from the Oklahoma Capital grounds; supposedly they were in violation of a state constitutional prohibition on the use of public property to support “any sect, church, denomination or system of religion.

Isn’t it strange that a so-called Preacher (Bruce Prescott) from Norman has been one of the dominate players complaining that the 10 Commandments must be removed.

Ten Commandments Monument Removed From Oklahoma …

Turkey’s airspace violated by Putin again – Putin sending in ground forces into Syria.  Obama has allowed Putin to demoralize our Nation and Military.  Obama has no intention of stopping “Putin.”  Putin has no intention of stopping, so for once Obama & Putin are on the same page.  images (17)

NATO says Russian ground troops in Syria, Turkey’s airspace violated again.


The Liberals and Obama seem to have a reverse philosophy on the terrible massacre at Oregon Community College – they have once again taken a “stupid” stance on this sad occurrence blaming guns and not the shooter.  Here’s Obama response to the shooting at the college.

Obama blames pro-gun lobbies for Oregon massacre | SA …

So in retrospect Obama and Liberals are doing nothing but using tragedies to advance their political agendas.

For the many deadly freeway accidents, according to the Liberals the vehicles involved in the accidents are to blame, not the drivers.  So it would be logical that all cars and trucks be removed from the freeways in order to keep the freeway a safe zone.

Or when an arsonist goes crazy setting fires, we are to assume it’s the fault of the fires and not the arsonist?  So we would immediately ban anything flammable and all things that create a spark or flame.  Guess that took care of the fire problem!

Obama not welcome in town of shooting massacre – can’t he get it through his thick head families don’t want him to show up at their memorial services for their loved ones.  He publicized his “gun speech” before the bodies were even counted or identified.

Donald Trump speaks up on Putin and Gun control today on CNN.


It’s Time For the “Bad News”

EL Chapo possibly has put a 100 million dollar bounty on Donald Trump’s head – Donald has beefed up his security.

Report: Trump Targeted by El Chapo for Death, $100M Bounty   download (21)


So just exactly where did all of the Toyota trucks come from that ISIS is sporting?

US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks …


Lisa Haven warns Americans about the UN take- over of our Nation.  It’s called “New World Order.”

It’s a bit of news worth listening to       


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca