The Crash of the Republican Party


Look at the Republican Platform in 1972. They promised to follow the road map given to us by our forefathers (the Constitution.)

In 1972 the Republican Party touted that they have turned toward concord among all Americans and they will listen to the people restoring order again in our Government.  They promised new innovative ideas that would reduce welfare recipients by adding them to the payroll.

In general what the Republican Party of 1972 was promising is that they were returning the Government back to the people; from this day forward it will be a Government of the people, by the people and for the people.

All these words from the 1972 Republican Party give you a warm and fuzzy feeling and your hopes for for One Nation Under God with liberty and justice is revived once more.  But, it is said all good things come to an end!  This Party no longer exists, due to greed, the desire for Government control and personal self-serving.

The strange thing about all of this the Old Republican Party still haven’t gotten it through their heads that the people want their Government back;  the silent majority is madder than ”Hell” and they don’t want a politician running their Country.  They believe the Republican Party is a Party of Broken Promises!

The Republican Party of 2015 has lost its way; it is a hodge -podge of selfish politicians who are self –  serving with total disregard to the voice of the people.  Frankly the Old Republican Party would rather fight than switch; they like all of the amenities that Americans have given them.

They detest anything or anyone who threatens their political security, especially Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson;  these three men have exposed their corrupt behavior.  The Republican Party isn’t just tattered a bit around the edges; it’s totally fractured and dysfunctional.

Look at the past seven years, here is some of the things they promised Americans:

  1. Defund Planned Parenthood, codify Hyde Amendment (prevent the Government from funding abortion.)
  2. Block funding for Obamacare, stop bundling bills (concentrate on 1 major piece of legislation at a time.
  3. Publish each piece of legislation online 3 days ahead of time allowing the public to review and study it.
  4. Protect all healthcare providers – enacting various laws that would protect those providing any and all kinds of healthcare.
  5. Approve debt ceiling raises only if spending cuts were slashed
  6. Totally cancel TARP a defunct program costing tax payers billions of dollars
  7. Eliminate all Government control of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
  8. Cancel the stimulus money so the funds could not be misused or spent by the Government

There are many, many more broken promises by the Republican Party and probably one of the biggest was their promise to fight and stop Obama from his reckless behavior as our President.  They appear to be cowards and will not fight for the Constitutional Principles of our freedom and rights.  Remember they had the power of the purse – Republicans could have fulfilled their promise to the people. 

SIMI VALLEY, CA - MARCH 08: Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush speaks at the Reagan Library after autographing his new book "Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution" on March 8, 2013 in Simi Valley, California. Bush discussed the leadership and policy changes he believes are required to turn the country around. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The ironical part of all of this is Americans still seem to be struggling with the selective process of vetting the Republican Presidential Candidates elect.

They’re not much interested in Jeb Bush because he smells and act like a politician; they don’t believe him and hate  his Common Core connections, nor do they like his illegal immigration stances.  Yet they seem to be very forgiving when it comes to Marco Rubio.  Marco Rubio is on the wrong side of the fence on one of the bigger issues, “Illegal Aliens or Immigration.)

They seem to have forgotten that this man may have one of the biggest flaws of any man or woman running for the Presidential seat.  Honoring one’s commitment!

He is young, very articulate and masterful with his use of the English language, great orator, has a canned speech like Obama with all the gorgeous ribbons and bows.  He darn sure can “talk the talk,” but he didn’t consider it very important to fulfill his duty as Senator because he missed voting on major issues 157 times.

Here is a peek at Mr. Rubio’s record: images (7)

Senator is one of only 14 GOP sellouts in Washington who actually voted for and passed the illegal immigrant amnesty bill S. 744 out of the US Senate in June of 2013 in an effort to get the bill to Obama’s desk.

Rubio missed 6.8% of votes (45 of 657 votes) in the 113th Congress. 

Senate Republicans: 22nd most progressive (by co – sponsorship) out of 45

Florida Record: From Jan 2011 to Sep 2015, Rubio missed 157 of 1,414 roll call votes, which is 11.1%. This is much worse than the median of 1.6% among the lifetime records of senators currently serving.

Let’s get this straight Mr. Rubio is asking us to trust him with the greatest position in our Country even though he didn’t have time to fulfill his duties as Senator.  If he wasn’t totally committed during his previous tenure as Senator, why would one think he would behave any different as “Commander in Chief.”

It’s not quite clear just what America calls an “insider,” but Marco Rubio has slipped through the “political Insider” cracks and is rapidly gaining in his race for Presidency.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca