Surveillance Camera Catches 3 Women Beating 51-Year-Old Man to Death

A murder that started with an excuse for being late—a 10-year-old boy said a homeless man had hit him. Then his mother, two friends, and several teens allegedly retaliated with a deadly beating at a gas station.


On April 7th, 2015 a van full of young men and women, pulled up to a gas station and attacked a 51-year-old homeless man with a hammer, pepper spray, chair leg and their fists and boots.

According to reports, the man was beaten to death, because one of the alleged attackers sons, told the mother, that 51-year-old Robert Barnes had hit him. Barnes, who hung around the Philadelphia, gas station pumping gas for tips became the victim, because of this allegation by the young boy.

Now, three women have been charged in the murder of Barnes. As you will see in the video the attackers brought three children age 12, 13, and 14, to aid them in the attack.

According to the Daily Beast:

He told the ambulance driver that he was just jumped by five black girls and beat with a hammer, so he knew what happened to him. And then when he was brought to the hospital that’s when he fell unconscious from bleeding on the brain. At that time they raced him into surgery and removed a great portion of his skull to alleviate the pressure, and of course when I went in to see him, I just lost it.

Aleathea Gillard, Shareena Joachim, and Kaisha Duggins are charged in the death of Robert Barnes.

Barnes lay in a medically-induced coma at Einstein Medical Center for 18 days, dying on April 25.