Sleeping Giant Arises from a Very Long Winter’s Nap


So the sleeping giant or as we are more familiar with the term the “silent majority” is on the move.  Their years of complacency and trust of our Government and elected officials is without a doubt the reason our Nation is on a shaky foundation.  They believed, trusted and depended on those elected officials running their Government.

As the years passed their Government was stolen from them – the trust factor no longer exists.  Republicans and Democrats played the American people like a “fiddle.”  They preyed on the middle class (the hard working Americans) and they betrayed out youth.

In 2009 the stimulus package or recovery act was the beginning of a major decline in America’s economy – it was abused and misused by both parties.  Republicans were too busy doing whatever they do in Washington D.C. to monitor how the money was being spent.  The Democrats were ecstatic about the recovery act because they had full control of our Government and no restrictions on their spending frenzy.

Under Obama’s watch the entitlement programs mushroomed over – night.  The illegal immigrants flocked into our Country with drug dealers, rapists, murderers and without a doubt terrorists.  Obama, Republicans and Democrats spent billions of taxpayer’s money dethroning one dictator after another in the Middle East opening the doors for Obama’s buddies (Muslim Brotherhood.)

Since 2009 Obama, Republicans and Democrats have increased our National Deficit by about 70% going from 10.6 trillion to over 18 trillion now – National Deficit stands at $ 18,152,09,942,589 as of December 2015.

These crafty politicians would like you to believe that they have Government spending under control.  Just this past year alone our Government has spent approximately 468 billion more than it took in – this is placing our younger generation at risk because in the near future there will be a significant tax increase in order to just cover interest on the increasing debt.

One Government scandal after another clarifies the fact that we the people have lost control of our Government.  Americans have suffered thru the Fast and Furious gun walking scheme, the IRS attack against Conservatives, the NSA scam, the Benghazi Massacres, the Hilary Clinton email & donor saga and the blooming list just keeps rolling on…

When the silent majority awoke, they discovered their schools have been infiltrated with those who wish to do harm to our Country – our young people have been exposed to a very divisive group of people who are experts in using the brainwashing technique.

They have immersed our children into a dark ideological world stripped of common sense and information that is critical for their success as young adults.  This is perhaps the one problem that will take generations to correct.

Our Government reeks of corrupt politicians who are interested in padding their own pockets and who have created a cozy pathway to retirement.  Perfect example of this is what is referred to as the old Republican establishment – these are the people who have misguided us and abused us for years.

In recent years, they promised to balance our budget, repeal Obamacare, secure our borders and keep our Military strong and most of all keep our Nation safe.  This is exactly the reason that the silent majority are seeking outsiders in the 2016 Presidential run.

The San Bernardino terrorist attack didn’t just rouse the sleeping majority – it literally was the wake – up call that will change the political environment in our Nation for many years to come.

One man with courage is a majority.– Thomas Jefferson

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca