Our Military under Attack by Obama

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Brave Green Beret Punished for Protecting Boy & Boy’s Mother

Brave men like Charles Martland under attack by the Obama Regime. Here is the gory sad story about our very own Green Beret Charles Martland.

Disgrace: Green Beret Who Defended Boy Against Rape in Afghanistan Loses Appeal

Charles Martland did what any red-blooded American man would do to protect a young boy from rape and the boy’s mother from physical assault. As a Green Beret Charles was taught to protect and defend and yet he is being punished for coming to a young boys rescue against a “rapist.”

According to the new rules by the Obama Administration, our Military is not allowed to protect a young Afghan boy and his mother.

The New York Times published an extensive piece detailing how U.S. soldiers serving in Afghanistan have been told to ignore rampant sexual abuse of young children, mostly boys, by Afghan allies because “it’s their culture.” U.S. soldiers were not only told they would be punished for intervening or stopping a sexual assault, they have been punished for doing so.

By Katie Pavlich | Sep 23, 2015

Dan Quinn lost his Special Forces command because he fought with a Militia leader who had a boy as a sex slave chained to his bed.

Our brave American men and women in uniform take an oath to defend our Constitution but the 64 dollar question is who is defending our Military? images (2)

Our Military must feel like second hand citizens. Obama depleted the size of the Military, removed God by creating a new set of regulations against Chaplains; he slyly replaced Chaplains regulations by installing Muslim propaganda in place of “God.”  Yet, today he will try to sell the “Pope” a bill of goods that he defends religious freedom.

He’s been on a trajectory to weaken our Military capabilities by downsizing our Military, reducing our nuclear power and underfunding many existing military programs. Obama’s budget cuts reduced the size of our Military and it’s once strong capabilities to defend our Nation. In addition to the cuts he’s trying to reduce traditional Military retirement pay he refuses to defend our brave men and women in the Military.

Along with all his vicious cuts to our Military he has sneaked behind closed doors releasing terrorists from Gitmo such as the five terrorists released for Bergdahl.  Talking about sneaking today Obama and gang took advantage of the Pope’s visit to the USA and quietly released another high profile terrorist (Abdul Shalabi, 39, Osama Bin Laden’s body guard.)

Obama has 52 more terrorists in Gitmo prepped and ready to be released before 2016; this behavior by the President leads one to believe that he’s pretty much a radical Muslim lover.

Actions do speak louder than words as we revisit the Benghazi massacres.  The night of the terrorist attack Obama packed his jammies and toothbrush and headed for a campaign speech in Las Vegas – he forfeited 4 American lives in order to continue his second run for President of the USA.

He used General Petraeus as his sacrificial lamb and a cobbled up video to distract Americans during this time.  General Petraeus without a doubt would have been the man who would have helped our Military stop ISIS, but Obama used him as a gopher to distract Americans and keep our Country divided.

“To me, the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. You see, I could conceive death, but I could not conceive betrayal.”
― Malcolm X

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca