Obama Gave Another Terrorist – Free Get Out of Jail Card

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Radical Muslim Lover

Obama had today planned because he knew the arrival of the Pope would distract Americans.  He has stated since 2009, he wants to shut “Gitmo” down; today was the day to let one more very dangerous terrorist out of “Gitmo.”  Americans were distracted with the arrival of Pope Francis and Obama took advantage of the situation. Obama is determined to free all the prisoners in Gitmo before 2017 rolls around and the scuttlebutt on the street he has more terrorists prepped and ready for release.

Today millions of Americans were busy getting ready to welcome “Pope Francis.”  It probably is the one day that politics was stashed on the backburner.  Americans took time out to celebrate the arrival of one of the most influential and popular people in the World.

It was a heartwarming event that gives people hope of better days to come.  A crowd greeted Pope Francis as he landed at Joint Base Andrew shouting “Hey, Hey Welcome to the USA.”  Ambassador Hackett, Archbishop Kurtz and Wuerl were part of the greeting and welcoming party.

Usually Obama ignores the arrival of foreign dignitaries, but today he has to score some favorable brownie points, so instead of ignoring the Pope’s arrival, he brought wife, daughters and mother-in-law for a little bit of patting, pinching and handshaking as the Pope deplaned.

The next three days for Obama will be quite stressful because he’s going to try to pull a fast one and convince Pope Francis that he respects freedom of speech, freedom of religion and protects our Country.  We all know that’s a bunch of crock and so does Pope Francis; the Pope does his homework and knows exactly what leaders are doing in the political arena.

Pope Francis probably knew before we did that Abdul Shalabi a resident terrorist of Gitmo and assumed to be a bodyguard for Osama bin Laden had been released.  Shalabi is a member of al-Qaida and come from an extremely wealthy family. So one more terrorist released, no doubt headed back to join al-Qaida, but Shalabi wasn’t the only one released.

Less than a week ago he also released Younis Abdurrahman Chekkouri returning him to Morocco.  In May 2014, he released five terrorists from Gitmo in some kind of shady trade for Bowe Bergdahl. If you go back and check a 2008 Pentagon dossier regarding Gitmo inmates you will find that all five of these men were considered very high risks, who no doubt will attack Americans or their allies.

So how can anyone be in favor of Obama’s leadership as Commander in Chief – he is a radical Muslim lover and you can take that statement to the bank.  Obama has backed, funded and aided the Muslim Brotherhood since his inauguration in 2009.  For those who wonder why he isn’t concerned about Christians – figure it out for yourself.  Here’s an example: he aided and abetted the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; they were the very same group who beheaded and massacred Christians in Egypt.

Obama has released dangerous, evil men who hate America and Americans; they are deadly predators who will stalk our citizens, our children and our allies.

To the Democrats and Liberals who are chastising Trump and Carson because they won’t defend radical Muslims or Obama  – don’t even go there and pretend that this man is a Christian or is protecting our Country because it is a “bloody lie.”


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May God Bless Americ

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