New Laws Don’t Protect Your Freedoms, They Restrict Them

Washington D.C. – All across the country you may hear the news outlets talking about people’s rights, and you may be seeing laws being passed to protect those freedoms. The bigger government wants to give you the sense that they are working to make your life more livable, and that increasing the number of enforceable laws is somehow in your best interests. The majority of the population does not bat an eye to these changes, and most remain unaware.

With these increasing amounts of regulations, who is going to really enforce the laws? What penalties are we really looking at facing? Do these laws really protect the people that they are claiming to defend? Are these laws really just geared towards making criminals out of every day people?

Bill_of_Rights_Pg1of1_ACThere are some laws that should be protected, the US Constitution comes to mind. Those unalienable rights granted to us by our founding fathers, and then a little bit of prohibition sprinkled in there and then later snubbed out. Those are the types of fundamental laws that should be upheld in this country. I highly doubt that the founding fathers really thought we would soon turn into a country where our law enforcement officers would need to fight for funding for their own jobs by camping on the nation’s freeways and waiting for solo drivers in the carpool lanes.

One of the more recent controversial laws passed in this country, which is referred to commonly as Obamacare, acts as if it is there to protect the masses of people. When you think about the fact that this law only requires everyone to get healthcare from a provider, you soon begin to see that this law isn’t really about making sure that nobody can be denied for insurance coverage, it means that nobody can deny their own want for insurance coverage. Now you must either pay an insurance provider, or suffer tax penalties. Eventually the penalties will get to a point that they nearly outweigh the savings of not paying for medical insurance. So who wins here? A multi-billion dollar, blue collar funded institution, or the hard worker struggling to pay their premiums?

It’s not just about one law though, it’s about the constant push for change and addition. One group wants the color blue to become illegal, so they fight until it happens and proclaim a victory. Then the next week its the smell of scrambled eggs that is illegal, and another group rejoices. Until the next thing you know it becomes illegal to part your hair down the middle, wearing khaki pants, and striped socks on a Sunday and there’s throngs of police officers coming the streets looking for offenders so that they can earn their right to work. Meanwhile someone who was mistaken for wearing striped socks was wrongfully arrested, and is facing pending criminal charges for wearing socks that featured a spiral pattern.

We should work together to insure that the law makers of this great country are busy doing the work we need them to do, and that they spend far less time entertaining the ideals of lobbyists and special interest groups who are spoon feeding them agendas.