News For Today – Your Way (Oct. 8, 2015)

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The Good News

Bad Day for News Reporters:

Best Laughing News Bloopers Amazing Reporters – eBlogfa …


Here’s why we must support our law enforcement officers; big thumbs up to this great “Cop.”

Va. Beach police officer pays it forward | WAVY-TV


A case of too much “weed” by a junk food junkie – sounds like he might have eaten himself into an orange suit behind bars.

Police: Junk food junkie calls 911 because he was ‘too high …


Time for some more really good newsWorld stocks rise, biotechs rebound; oil snaps three-day rally

Gentle Ben Did It Again

So technically Trevor Noah decides Ben Carson believes socialism is the key to surviving a mass shooting.  Sometimes “gentle Ben” may speak before thinking or is it called “putting foot in mouth.”

News Anchor Bloopers – Huffington Post



Here Comes the Bad News



Republicans struggling to find a new “Speaker of the House” without any baggage – that’s a tough assignment.

Boy those bad boys in DC better not have any dirty laundry if they’re applying for HOUSE SPEAKER
McCarthy abruptly withdraws candidacy for House speake

Spencer Stone one of the American men who intervened during a train attack in France was stabbed multiple times and in fair condition.


US Hero on French Train Stabbed in Sacramento


Russia says all cruise missiles hit their target – US doesn’t agree.

Russia denies US claim that Syria-bound missiles crashed …

News | Fox 59

Indianapolis – 3 teenagers arrested for murder


The Ugly

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Hillary Clintons nose makes Pinocchio look like a toddler – she’s lied so many times, she can’t remember what she said from one day to the next.

Hillary Clinton Lies Straight to Your Face…Again – SGT Report


Obama and “gig” economy – now Obama pretends he’s concerned about jobs for Americans.  Funny how he talks out of both sides of his mouth – since 2009 he’s been anti job creation as he’s herding us into the New World Order.

Our ‘gig’ workforce could become a problem: Obama


Netflix feeling the economic pinch and raising rates by a dollar.

Netflix has some bad news and it will make you sad



American Airlines new policies initiated without notifying customers – probably not the right way to do business.


New American Airlines policy is bad news for some


Bad news travels at the speed of light; good news travels like molasses.

Tracy Morgan – offers up to date news for those who are “on the go.”