Memorial Placed For Veteran Who Set Himself On Fire Outside Veterans Office

A small memorial has been set outside the Veterans Affairs office in New Jersey, where a 51-year-old veteran set himself on fire.

Northfield New Jersey police said Charles R. Ingram III of Egg Harbor Township was airlifted Saturday afternoon to the Temple Burn Center in Philadelphia, where he died later that night, The Press of Atlantic City reported Wednesday.

The man doused himself in gasoline before setting himself on fire. The story itself has garnered very little news coverage, as it is still unknown what exactly set the man off. However, it is a sign of the times we live in, where military personnel are sent off to war then separated from service without proper rehabilitation to assimilate to life as a civilian.

Many veterans now blame the US government and the VA for their lack of efficient and effective care being given to veterans of many of the major conflicts of recent memory.

According to Disabled Veterans website: “Despite the near media blackout, veterans have been very vocal about the suicide and about potential links between the suicide and poor mental health care quality due to the VA telehealth system utilized at the facility. That Northfield VA clinic moved to the new location in 2011 and boasted at the time that the move would increase access to care by making use of better technology.”