How Can President Obama Justify Stiffer Gun Laws?

Washington D.C. – Gun Control Laws have long been a sensitive topic in the United States, with some people feeling so strongly one way or another that they pick and choose some of their friends based on their stance. The fact of the matter is that the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights gives every US citizen the lawful right to possess firearms. That right, having been declared unalienable often seems to come under scrutiny from time to time when someone decides to use a gun to break the law.

How Can President Obama Justify Stiffer Gun Laws?


After a wake of school shootings in the US, President Obama made a call for stiffer gun control laws once again. The only problem is that his own military accidentally blew up a hospital half way around the world.

In a somewhat ironic yet tragic turn of events recently, a US attack accidentally blew up a Doctors Without Borders Hospital. This accidental attack cost the lives of many innocent medical personnel and patients. Yet, somehow an apology and an investigation is enough to suffice in that instance. Meanwhile the rest of America needs to have their civil rights come under attack for the careless actions of armed criminals.

There is a definite double standard of accountability when it comes to the mistakes made by those in power, and the rest of us. Surely mistakes can be made by anybody, and there are times when little more can be said than an apology because some actions cannot be undone.

In recent weeks Al-Qaeda forces have taken some major cities in Afghanistan. As a result US military forces have stepped up their presence to deter further related activity. As a result, an American AC-130 Spectre Gunship circled around what it thought to be an Al-Qaeda outpost and made the declaration to attack the building with it’s massive firepower. Unfortunately for those occupying the building, it was a field hospital for a worldwide organization known as Doctors Without Borders. The organization that supplies aid to those in some of the most desperate situations, and in some of the most dangerous parts of the world. Little would they have suspected that an aircraft sent to protect them would be their demise.

How Can President Obama Justify Stiffer Gun Laws?