GOP & Liberals Wants Trump to Lie

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Donald Trump held his first town hall meeting in New Hampshire 9/16/15 and opened the floor for a question and answer period instead of giving a campaign speech.  The first question out of the bag possibly made by a plant from the Liberals or Republican side was a statement not a question.

The man with the first question merely made a statement, he said to Trump, “You know our current president is one (meaning Muslim) and you know he’s not even an American.”  The man blathered on with his statement about camps in our USA etc., but he never actually asked any question.

Trump didn’t fall for the bated statement and merely said, “We will be looking at that and lots of other problems.”  Hilliary Clinton along with some Republican elects pounced on this opportunity bashing Trump for not defending Obama.  So the real question would be, “who is this person called Obama holding the most prestigious office in our Country?”  obama-somali-muslim-garb

Taking a stroll down memory lane, Hillary Clinton in 2008 was unsure about Obama’s religion or if he was a Muslim.  In fact Hillary went even further to plaster a picture of Obama speaking in Kenya in 2005 wearing some kind of Muslim garb with a headband.

It’s obvious that Jeb Bush knows something the populace doesn’t know because for the past 71/2 years many Americans have reason to suspect that in fact Obama is a Muslim. The former Florida governor disagrees and said in a speech at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, “By the way, he’s an American, he’s a Christian.”

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Governor Christie took a swing at the “Donald” on FOX News saying he would have corrected anyone saying something like that in a Town Hall meeting.

In other words Christie, like the old Republican establishment, Democrats and Liberal news media are doing what the Supreme Court has done for years.  They’re twisting the Constitution to fit their political purposes – we’re to believe that this person (plant or not) did not have the right to make the statement that he believed Obama was a Muslim. So much for freedom of speech!

If Christians were polled on this issue about Obama – very few if any would raise their hands and say, “Obama is a Christian.”  Even Rand Paul accused Obama for his war on Christianity, “Sen. Rand Paul: ‘Worldwide War on Christianity’ Ignored by Obama and Media 

Here’s but a few things to consider about Obama and his so called “Christianity.” so much for the Bible and Christianity!    

After his inauguration, Obama didn’t waste any time insuring that his half – brother (Abongo “Roy” Malik Obama) and Auntie Sarah or Grandma Sarah( which ever you prefer) ended up with two non – profit charities that are draining money from our Country as we speak to further the “terrorist” agenda. The charity for Rob Malik Obama is named Barack H. Obama Foundation  (Obama’s father.)

In closing Obama has filtered many millions of dollars from the USA in support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Any way you slice it the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist based organization responsible for the massacre of many Christians.

The racial divide that Obama has created does not reflect the actions of a Christian man; it merely reflects his obvious hatred of America like his pastor Reverend Wright. (God damn America)

Obama has been the choreographer of attacks on our law enforcement and supported the political activists even going to far as to invite Al Sharpton as an advisor on these many racial divided issues.  Sharpton could be designated a “frequent flyer” at the White House.

Here is a pretty complete list that verifies Barack Obama is not and probably has never been a Christian.

Donald Trump allowed the first participant in the town hall meeting to make his statement. The Republicans, Clinton, Liberals and activists said Trump should have kicked the man making a statement to the curb and that he should have defended Obama. Why would anyone want Donald Trump to defend a man (Obama) with such a shady questionable past?

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Urbandale High School, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015, in Urbandale, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

As Charles Barkley says, “Kiss my ass.”

May God Bless America

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