Farina Just Joined Hillary’s Liars Club



Sharia Law Says “Its Alright to lie”

Carly Made the Hit List – One of the Worst  CEO’s of all Times       Portfolio’s Worst American CEOs of All Time – CNBC.com

The 2nd Muslim lover could be headed to our Whitehouse.  In a speech by Carly Forina September 26, 2001 she said, she rated the Islamic world as “a civilization that was the greatest in the world.”   Carly Fiorina certainly isn’t what one could call an “All American Citizen,” rather she’s pretty much just another wolf in sheep’s clothing like the person presiding over our Country at this time. She’s a globalist in high heels itching to kick our Nation under the bus and over the cliff.

She’s as wily as Obama and a great orator with a master of the English language, but she is every bit as dangerous as our Commander in Chief.

Why in the world, John McCain ended up with Carly Fiorina as an adviser to his 2008 presidential campaign. is more than a bit disturbing and we‘ll probably never know the answer to that question?  Carly was dumped quickly from her advisory job for McCain because she said;” neither Sarah Palin nor John McCain possessed the experience necessary to run a major US corporation.”  McCain parted company from Carly and handed Fiorina her walking papers.

Here’s a recent statement by Fiorina and it’s worth taking note of because she has every intention of taking her campaign right to our White House.  Fiorina mocks the idea that anything would keep her out of the race: “I don’t foresee some huge shock that would force me to say, ‘Wow, I really miscalculated,’ or ‘I really haven’t built the kind of infrastructure that I think it’s going to take to make a real go of this.’” By Melinda Henneberger

Well Carly you may be in for a pretty big shock, because the “silent majority,” will vet you and it’s doubtful that you’ll even get a nod.  It’s only a matter of time for Carly Fiorina!  She’ll disappear quicker than Hermann Cain once the media starts dissecting her past.

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Fiorina would like Americans to walk on and forget the dirty dealing HP had with IRAN, but that isn’t going to happen.  She states adamantly that she didn’t know about the dealings HP had with Iran that amounted to millions of dollars in revenue.  So let’s review her statement and look at her web page on the NET.  She touts being a great CEO with HP, but this is questionable for many reasons.

A CEO of any big Corporation or Fortune 500 company certainly is smart enough to know where the companies’ revenue is generated.  If in fact she didn’t know about the dealings with Iran, then just exactly what was her job at HP? She certainly didn’t grow the Company and stockholders lost millions of dollars under her reign at HP.

According to HP’s stock, that dropped during Fiorina’s stint as CEO, from $106 billion to $56 billion. That certainly would make Americans leery about allowing this person to run our Country.  Much like Obama Fiorina is a master at dabbling in false figures, she didn’t double sales for HP but made a deal and bought Compaq which came to the table with 33 billion dollars.

She says she quadrupled HP’s cash flow another blooming misquote made by this person who is trying to sell us a bill of goods on her expertise as a CEO.  Actually millions of dollars came from the dirty deal HP had with Iran and yes, any CEO of a Fortune 500 Company would know about the Iran deal.  It’s pretty much like Jeb Bush pretending he wasn’t involved or did he know much about Common Core.

Speaking of Common Core, Fiorina supported Common Core and so does HP – it’s a dash to the finish line for globalism.

The “Queen of scam” in the spring of 1999 became Lucent Technology’s star executive. What occurred next was a scam almost identical to the housing bubble (that escaped scrutiny) until it was too late.

Fiorina just like Obama walked away unscathed with 85 million in stock and options, which HP generously reimbursed her a sweet 65 million worth of restricted stock in compensation for the Lucent stock and options she had with Lucent.

Had Fiorina retained her 85 million in stock and options with Lucent it would have disappeared or evaporated just like it did with stockholders.  Fiorina’s timing was impeccable and she gobbled up a great company, spit them out and headed to HP her next victim.

Not long after Fiorina left Lucent the company began to collapse – no wonder because under Fiorina’s tenure they ended up with 7 billion in loan commitments to customers ( most of these companies were financially unstable or without a pot to “pee” in, but the Queen of scam came out smelling like a rose and toddled on to HP.

Buyer beware, when you see this steely faced female speak and listen to her many promises of better times.  She is worse than the female black widow, because she will not only eat us for brunch she’ll continue in Obama’s footsteps destroying the “Greatest Country in the World.”

Fiorina hasn’t learned from setbacks: Sonnenfeld – CNBC.com

Carly Florina is a “globalist” and wants Americans to join her in creating the New World Order that the UN has been supporting for years.

May God Bless Americans

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