Darling or She Devil

Kelly continues her rampage against Presidential front runner Donald Trump.  At the first Presidential debate her plan was to bag and dispose of Donald Trump, but it backfired.  Every night on FOX she continues her attack against “Donald.”


Maybe journalists should consider taking an oath prior to venturing into the profession, by following in our physician’s footsteps and taking the Hippocratic oath “First do no harm.”

It would be something that politicians might consider too, because at this time they seem to feel empowered by their respective positions. They truly believe that they are above the law and have taken on a “Better than thou” attitude or presence. Freedom of speech should not be used to freely cause harm.

It’s sad to see such an influential high profile woman who has gained the respect of her viewers miss step by being so emotionally charged.

If only she could have revisited the Hippocratic Oath before interviewing and dissecting the Duggar family.

What a missed opportunity to ask pertinent questions about a candidate’s plans to lead America to greatness again. Her followers were waiting with great anticipation to watch her in action, to hear the great questions she had been telling us all about that were being developed for the Republican Debate.

She still persists trying to throw her power around during her TV interviews of our Republican Presidential candidates. She gets angry when a brave Constitutionalist refuses to answer a “Gotcha” question.

She relentlessly continues her devious plan to demonize a Presidential candidate and is placated by her boss and fellow journalists, because it is there duty to defend her bad behavior and actions regardless of the viewer’s perception of true unbiased news.

This woman has forgotten her responsibilities as a journalist; she has ventured into the dark grizzly world of egotism and superiority. Is she still capable of approaching the news unbiased, unfettered and with the wholesomeness that was once hers?

This woman had it all so to speak, intelligence, a high profile position with a voice that American’s tuned into nightly. Is this the real character of this woman or has money, fame, fortune and popularity tainted her? She has been an inspiration to our youth, an anchor for her readers and an admired journalist.

Watching her do a downward spiral has been so discouraging to other women who are and have struggled to hold a prestigious job equal to any man.

Probably without realizing it she has set women back ten years. What bad timing, just when Americans are finally contemplating having a woman hold the highest position in our Nation.

It’s been proven it’s difficult to change IQ, however it has also been proven that emotional intelligence can be developed and strengthened. Personally I’m going to keep Megyn in my thoughts over the next few days and weeks to come, hoping she can extend grace to others as grace is being extended to her.

May God Bless America

As Always

Little Tboca