Daly Accuses O’Reilly of Joining Trump’s Spin Zone

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John Daly draws from his journalistic expertise and tries to dump Bill O’Reilly under the bus, because O’Reilly merely says he knows how Donald Trump is running his campaign.  Bill is probably the only one at this time whose analysis of Trump is right on…  Bill isn’t one to run from a controversy and absolutely will not back down when it comes to the Trump saga.

Daly on the other side is attempting to destroy Bill’s DNA as a cultural warrior.  Although Daly believes he is one up on O’Reilly and is mustering everything in his political war chest to present O’Reilly as a Trump supporter.  O’Reilly didn’t fall for Daly’s chatter and demagoguery.

Daly uses Krauthammer, the World-renown political analysist as proof that Bill O’Reilly has entered the Trump Zone.  The real truth to Krauthammer’s behavior is he hates Donald Trump – Charles does not like anyone who defies the norm when it comes to those campaigning for office.

Krauthammer wants Trump to be a good little puppy dog, roll-over and beg for his support.  Trump on the other hand thinks Krauthammer is out of his realm when he spends so much of his time trying to dump Donald under the bus.

A perfect example of Krauthammer’s intense hatred for Trump is during his discussion about ISIS with O’Reilly, Charles said, “What does Trump mean that he’ll take them out (meaning ISIS?)  It’s hard to believe that Charles ever framed his question this way.  Trump isn’t stupid; he isn’t going to send a hand written note to ISIS saying, “Here’s what we’ll do to remove you from old mother earth.”

Trump will work with the best of the best in our Military and a plan will be formulated that will destroy this caliphate forever.  Although many perceive Donald Trump as a one man wrecking crew, this is untrue.  Donald built his empire by surrounding himself with the best of the best.  Donald knows that his success is because he has surrounded himself with great professional people who have his back.

One must remember Krauthammer, the Liberals, Republicans and News media are not a familiar or comfortable with a rebel, non – conformist and an all American like Donald Trump, especially one who has exposed the Washington Cartel.  O’Reilly has been a very tough critic of Trump; he hasn’t given Trump a free ride.

Bill O’Reilly merely says, “He understands Trump’s strategy.” Bill did not say he agreed with all of Trump’s demagoguery.   Bill does believe Trump’s strategy is brilliant!  He does believe that the best thing about Donald Trump’s campaign is that the “Donald” has exposed a very corrupt political system that is destroying our Nation.

Bill believes in his heart that Donald Trump isn’t lying to the public. Bill says that Donald Trump believes all things are possible if Americans will stand beside him to take back our Country and make America great again.

Trump has brought critical information to the forefront and is sharing it with the American people.  He has brought the real problems with illegal aliens that our Nation is facing.  His take on ISIS is this, “We will do whatever it takes to destroy their caliphate.”

Trump has talked to us many times about our horrible trade agreements with China, Japan and other Countries.  He will use the best people in the Nation who are experts in crafting trade agreements; they will put our trade agreement back on a level playing field.

He has said repeatedly to secure our borders and stop refugees until our Government has fixed the problem of vetting and the illegal visas.  He will do whatever it takes to make our VA a priority and will ensure that our Vets receive the care that is needed.

Yes, there are those who don’t like his choice of words, but he speaks from the heart and means what he says when he describes the politicians who crafted the Iran agreement as “stupid.”

He’s not a snake oil salesman politician – he speaks from his heart!  Donald is an all American who believes our Nation is on a very shaky foundation.  He loves his Country and Americans.

Donald’s Christmas cared explains what he believes about taking our Country back.  The card reads, “Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.  We are, together, going to Make America Great Again!  I Love You All, Donald J. Trump.

This card from Donald Trump is from a man who loves his Country and the keywords are, “We, are together, going to Make America Great Again.”

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca