Carly Fiorina – “THE INSIDER”


2015 is merely a re-run of the 2008 Presidential race names have been changed to fool the innocent.  Obama, came dashing onto the scene; a mediocre politician whose only claim to fame was that of a “community organizer” (whatever that means.)

Obama wined and dined the American public; the youth swooned over this personable polished orator.  The African Americans thought he was the best thing since the Emancipation Proclamation and they drained their bank accounts, savings and piggy banks to place their bet on this stranger.

Many Republicans called Obama a common sense centralist and eagerly joined his Presidential campaign.  Even young Libertarians were intrigued with this stranger.

Now we have a repeat of 2008 in the 2016 Republican Presidential election candidates.  Her name is Carly Fiorina and no, this proclaimed self – made woman isn’t an “outsider,” she’s an articulate smooth spoken “insider” who like Obama is deceiving the American populace.

As many know Megyn Kelly at FOX news has an intense dislike for Donald Trump; she is obviously a strong supporter of Carly Fiorina and went so far as to have Rich Lowry a filthy mouthed (National Review Editor) on her show.  Read more at:

Megyn is walking on a very slippery slope and her ratings may take a huge dip because she’s promoting a person who has a pretty shady past which will be discussed later in this blog.

Bill O’Reilly is already starting to vet Carly and his latest interview with her shows that he definitely has some concerns.  Bill asks Fiorina to react to the attacks on her record at HP and here is exactly what she said, Fiorina pointed out that during her tenure as CEO from 1999 to 2005, she saved 80,000 jobs, went on to grow 150,000 more jobs, tripled the company’s rate of innovation to 15 patents a day, quadrupled both the cash flow and grow rate and brought Hewlett-Packard from a Fortune 28 company to a Fortune 11.  She just lied on national TV…

In an opinion piece in the New York Times, Rattner, a former Wall Street executive, says few former colleagues have come to her defense, for good reason.

In the tit for tat session of the debate between Fiorina and Trump, Trump said Yale Law’s ‘top man’ (Sonnenfeld) critiqued former HP CEO Carly Fiorina.  Sonnenfeld has followed Fiorina’s performance since she was CEO of HP. Here’s what Sonnenfeld said in an interview with CNBC.

“HP was in great shape when [Fiorina] got there and she left it in tatters,” Sonnenfeld told CNBC’s Squawk on the Street on Thursday.

Fiorina’s record only gets worse from here on: she’s an insider, a globalist and a scam artist.  Carly Fiorina was a Hillary Clinton admirer.

Flip flops on climate change

Common Core:  HP & Fiorina working towards a “New World Order”  images (6)


In November 2000, the International Institute of Education (IIE) awarded Fiorina the Distinguished Service Award for “Education, Technology, and Global Understanding” acknowledging Hewlett Packard’s “role in expanding the possibilities of the information age while at the same time reaffirming the importance of international education.” [Source:  2000 Annual Report – Institute of International Education pdf]

Fiorina emphasized during her acceptance speech, the value of educational exchange, i.e., students studying abroad which led me to IIE’s website:   This is all about a new World Order and globalization.

IIE Core Values

IIE is committed to its goal of Opening Minds to the World ®.

The following core values guide all that we do:

  • Integrity. All our actions and relationships are based on honesty, authenticity, accountability, and trust.
  • Global awareness. Achieving diversity within our staff and program participants helps increase mutual understanding of our world and its people.
  • Collaboration. Working together creates a better result by tapping into our collective wisdom. …While at Hewlett Packard, Fiorina aligned herself with organization(s) pushing global education. “The Education Crisis: Business and Government’s Role in Reform”   the Flash Report
  • Fiorina’s Masters Dissertation On Education: Decidedly Un …
  • Check out Fiorina’s 1989 doctoral dissertation for Massachusetts Institute of Technology entitled,

Note: Carly got caught with her pants down on 9/10/15

AZ’s chief Common Core pusher hosts exclusive private fundraiser for Carly Fiorina in Phoenix.

Craig Barrett, AZ’s chief Common Core pusher and Chairman of the Board at Achieve Inc. (architects of the Common Core standards), hosted a private fundraiser for Carly Fiorina in AZ on 9/10/15 according to the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) Briefs.

Craig Barrett, Arizona’s poorer version of Bill Gates, routinely supports candidates for Governor and Superintendent of Education who then go on to advocate for his position of supporting Common Core learning standards and the suctioning of our kids’ data to all of his buddies at the Chamber of Commerce.

Craig Barrett would not support anyone who is truly against Common Core in their actions….


The goal of globalists, which Carly Fiorina is an integral part of are moving rapidly to bring all human beings on earth under the control of a single global state.  This is known as the “New World Order” that Obama has mentioned frequently.  The movement has been initiated in the United States for many years and Common Core is a huge red flag.

May God Bless America

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