Can Trump Beat the “Goliath” Money Machine?

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Donald Trump has not only wakened the “silent majority” he has exposed the GOP, Chamber of Commerce, Democrats and Liberals.  It’s pretty much one man against the Washington Cartel!

So what are the real reasons for this obvious hatred of Donald?  Is it his money?  Nope!  Is it his name calling? Nope!  Is it because he’s a celebrity?  Nope, wrong again.  Is it because the big donors, lobbyists and GOP can’t own him?  Now you’re getting hot!

He’s financing his own campaign, not beholding to anyone.  He’s not in bed with the political clowns, so they figure Trump is a loose cannon, because at any given minute he may erupt again with what they’ve been hiding from Americans for years.

He may not only expose their devious political maneuvering – he may strip them of their comfy White House club privileges and perks.   Right now politicians are feeling pretty “naked” and they’re worrying about their future.  It is all about money!  download (16)

Remember Donald said many of the Republican Presidential elects are owned – they’ve sold their soul to the devil.  Funny that once again Trump hit the button right on the head!

Jeb Bush’s war chest is so darn big it’s down – right scary, if money can buy the Presidency.  Jeb left office in 2007 with a meager 1.3 million and in 7 years that war chest is busting at the seams with 24.89 million. Bush’s grand total is hovering around 114 million.  WSJ corroborates this total of 114 million. Now, where do you suppose all of those pennies came from?  It’s a sure bet it isn’t the classic pennies from heaven story?

Jeb’s new wealth was driven by income from consulting work and a dozen board seats on the firms of people with significant business interests before the state while he was governor — including more than $12 million from firms that earned millions in fees when Bush redirected $350 million of Florida public workers’ retirement funds into venture capital investments run by major donors to his brother and his campaigns.  What’s that Donald said about Politicians being owned?

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Let’s not worry too much about Marco Rubio – his war chest exceeds 40 million dollars as we speak and Marco is running his campaign on ‘’easy street.”  Marco is wallowing in money, but don’t take my word for that…

Reuters) – Less than a week after announcing his 2016 campaign for president, Republican Senator of Florida doesn’t to need worry about money.

Marco Rubio will have the resources necessary to run a first-class campaign, that’s already been determined,” said billionaire Florida auto dealer Norman Braman, a former Jeb Bush supporter who is now one of Rubio’s highest-silhouette donors.

Annandale Capital founder George Seay, who is hosting a Rubio fundraiser with the moneyed Dallas elite at his 7,000-square-foot, seven-bath home on Tuesday, said: “Marco has had zero trouble raising money.”

At least seven other Rubio mega donors say their candidate has already received monetary commitments in excess of the $40 million he will likely need to battle through a presidential primary season that will feature a crowd of seasoned Republican candidates with strong financial backing.

It will be interesting to see if Donald is correct about these ‘’insiders being owned.”  Paul Singer one of his first big donors for Rubio is a hedge fund manager, hmmm!

So the terrifying part of this story is this, the big lobbyists and donors are prepared to buy the Presidency for the man of their choice – meaning we may end up once again controlled by the Washington Cartel.

The Chamber of Commerce and Liberal News media have deep pockets and they’re prepared to remove Trump from the Presidential race.  Trump doesn’t seem to be too bothered yet, but the kitchen is heating up and it will be interesting to see if he can withstand the attacks by Democrats, GOP, Liberals, Lobbyists, news media and big donors.  The voice of the people is the only way that Trump can win this race against Goliath. 

He has double trouble because the Liberal News media and FOX news have started their attack on him and even though they’re “junk yard dogs,” they’ve honed their political skills over the years and know how to hit below the belt.

His message rings loud and clear, “together we can Make America Great Again.”  He is asking Americans to join him in his fight against the Government and right now he is still on top in the polls, but Carson, Fiorina, Bush and Rubio are closing in on him.

Carson is a very nice man, but “nice” won’t win this race.

Fiorina – is short lived due to her history and prior behavior

Bush and Rubio are both prepared to buy the Presidency is 2016 and they’re both insiders


May God Bless America

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