Common Core – Beware

Consreport is pleased to have a guest, Grumpy Elder in our presence today who is speaking about one of the most important issues in our Country (Common Core.)  Parents and grandparents need to realize that this isn’t just about our childrens’ education, but the “New World Order.” 

 “We must move as quickly as possible to a one-world government; a one-world religion; under a one-world leader. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations..


Another of Muller’s idea’s was something called World Core, a global set of education standards.  The concept was embedded in the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 21, signed for the United States by George H.W. Bush..

Back in 2000, the UN came up with a 15 year plan to begin implementation of Agenda 21..  Well, obviously the 15 years are up, so on September 25th through the 27th World leaders are going to meet to sign the UN’s scheme for the next 15 years.. According to the United Nations:

2015 is the Time for Global Action

2015 presents a historic and unprecedented opportunity to bring the countries and citizens of the world together to decide and embark on new paths to improve the lives of people everywhere. These decisions will determine the global course of action to end poverty, promote prosperity and well-being for all, protect the environment and address climate change.

In 2015, countries will adopt a new sustainable development agenda and a new global agreement on climate change. The actions taken in 2015 are expected to result in newsustainable development goalsthat build on the eight Millennium Development Goals. Explore this site to find out more about the efforts of the UN and its partners to build a better world.

“A Better World” is a lot like Bill Clinton’s “It depends on your definition of sex”

It’s actually more like the old Soviet Five, Ten and Fifteen Plans, designed to center more and more power in the hands of bureaucrats, only these are Global Bureaucrats..  If they have their way,  sooner or later they’ll have a lot more power than that obnoxious clerk down at Motor Vehicles.  Like the old Soviets, they want to control where you live, where you work and what yo’re allowed to eat.

The United Nation’s idea of “A Better World” is a lot like Bill Clinton’s “It depends on your definition of sex”

I’ve known there was a direct link between Common Core and the UN’s Global ambition’s for several years now. so I took a look at that portion of the plan..  at least the part they were willing to make public.. So it took a look.. and decided it was way to much for me to handle by myself.  I contacted several other bloggers, including several who’ve been deeply involved with Common Core since word of the plot first leaked out.

Yesterday Sara Noble over at the Independent Sentinel wrote a piece about it, giving me way more credit than I deserve.  Here’s an excerpt from “As If Common Core Wasn’t Horrible Enough”

The climate change agreement that Barack Obama will sign includes an education document and extends into the entire sustainable development agenda. Included is a plan to end all poverty in 15 years. It’s an absurd notion and who is going to pay for it?

The devil will be in the details of the international educational goals we might never see or will have to search high and low to find.

Congress will be irrelevant.

This new UN education plan is a redo of the last 15 year plan by the UN which partially succeeded in that we have Common Core.

The plan will cost $3.5 trillion to $5 trillion a year. Who will pay for that, do you think?

Before I proceed with the lofty and vague description of the UN goals, it’s important you know who is behind the agreement. Obviously, the UN is. That includes countries like China and North Korea who don’t have a clue as to what a Republic or a Democracy actually is.

Read All Of:   “As If Common Core Wasn’t Horrible Enough”

At the bottom of her article, Sara Noble published an outline of the UN Education Plan… the part that’s for public consumption..  We’re still working at locating and going through the details they haven’t made easily accessable.

There’s a lot more to this that we’ll be discussing here over the next few days and weeks.

But for now, here’s a few questions you might want to ask yourself..

George Bush Senior signed Agenda 21 for the United States back in 1992, but the treaty has never been presented to the US Senate for ratification.  Why the hell not?

Until very recently, anyone who even mentioned Agenda 21 was immediately blasted by the media and others as a conspiracy theorist.  By the same token, just a couple years ago, anyone who questioned Common Core was handed a tin foil hat.  Why is that when anyone with internet access can confirm it’s existence, read the published version and easily find out Bush signed the damned thing?

The last four Presidents, and the various government agencies under them, the EPA and Department of Education in particular,  have been issuing regulations and executive orders that mimic the provisions outlined in Agenda 21, but Agenda 21 is never mentioned.  Is that a coincidence?

Why has the government been telling us for the 5 years that Common Core was a State Led Initiative and the Federal Government had nothing to do with it, when it’s actually part of a United Nations Scheme?

Better yet, since George Bush Sr signed Agenda 21 for the United States, why is his son still trying to tell us Common Core was a state led initiative, that the Federal Government hijacked? Could it be that Bush Sr didn’t trust his son enough to tell him the truth..  Or maybe cash from Bill Gates had an affect on Jeb’s memory?

How many of our political leaders are aware of what Agenda 21 actually does?  And more importantly, why the f**k haven’t they been telling the American People what’s going on?

They seem like reasonable questions to me..